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When we experience anxiety our body can press go on our threat response which creates a variety of physical feelings – this worksheet breaks down why some of these feelings happen.

There are many reasons you might find
yourself bottling your thoughts and feelings up. It takes a lot of your mental energy to keep this feelings in and there are a number of ways to let them go.

You will have thousands of thoughts, some louder than others and they don’t all serve you. Think about the thoughts you want to let go of and write them in the balloons.

We have such an array of feelings – and sometimes it can be difficult to put a finger on our feelings. The feeling wheel breaks down feelings and can help to work out what may be happening for you emotionally.

Grief is a difficult journey, it is not linear and will differ from the grieving processes you see in others. The Whirlpool represents how turbulent grieving can be and what it may involve.

Over the years, we tend to get into unhelpful thinking habits. We might favour some over others, and there might be some that seem far too familiar. Use this sheet to help you identify them.