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Coping with Grief

This is an online course to support you through your grief.

The course will cover:
Stages of grief
The whirlpool of grief
Emotional trigger
Ways to remember
Building your life around grief

If you have experienced a bereavement of any kind – whether it be due to illness, injury, natural causes or suicide – I believe this course will be extremely helpful for you. It covers the content of a short course of counselling but in an online format that you can access whenever you wish. This may be helpful to you if you feel you need some support or are unsure about counselling, if you are on a long waiting list for talking therapies, or if you are wondering if counselling may help you with your grieving process. 

The course is made up of 5 short sessions which you can work through at your own pace. 

It is important that you work through them in order and take some time between each one to process the themes covered in each session. 

Try to ensure that you set aside some time to do each session where you can give it your full attention, won’t be interrupted and can take some time after for yourself.